Date:                 Tuesday, September 2 – Friday, October 31

Time:                 Monday-Friday, 5:30-6:30 PM

Registration:  August 28 & 29, 5:30 – 6:30 PM at NORTH SHORE POOL

Cost:                  $176.00 cash or check to SPA (this includes 2015 USA Swimming reg. fee)


***Priority registration given to August clinic participant***





 2014 LC Southern Zone Southern Sectional Results:

Competing at this summer’s Southern Zone Southern Sectional Championships for SPA were Nicholas Alexiou, Calvin Bryant, Courtney Coleman, Bexhet Dovolani, John Farese, Autumn Finke, Summer Finke, Olivier Gilbert, Alexander Grant, Luke Hanner, Noah Harasz, Ethan Long, Jonathan Long, Mark Marshburn, Peyton Palsha, Savannah Sawyers and Emma Spilman.  Joshua Chen did not compete due to injury and Autumn Finke was scratched halfway through the meet due to illness.  Points are scored for the top 16 places in each event.  Top 16 finishes were recorded by:

Summer Finke – 16th 200 Freestyle, 11th 400 Freestyle, 5th 800 Freestyle, 2nd 1500 Freestyle, 15th 200 Backstroke, 11th 400 Individual Medley;

Autumn Finke – 6th 1500 Freestyle;

Peyton Palsha – 13th 200 Breaststroke;

Emma Spilman – 15th 100 Butterfly, 2nd 200 Butterfly;

Noah Harasz – 14th 50 Freestyle, 10th 100 Freestyle;

Nicholas Alexiou – 2nd 100 Freestyle, 4th 200 Freestyle, 3rd 400 Freestyle;

Calvin Bryant – 15th 400 Freestyle, 9th 1500 Freestyle;

Luke Hanner – 13th 200 Freestyle;

Achieving new Junior National qualifying times were Noah Harasz (50 and 100 Freestyles) and Emma Spilman (200 Butterfly).  Summer Finke finished tied for 10th in the High Point standings for women while Nicholas Alexiou finished tied for 9th for the men.

2014 LC Florida Swimming Age Group Championships (FLAGs):

Travelling to Gainesville, FL to compete in the 2014 Long Course FLAGS for SPA were: Joseph Brockman, Hannah Davis, Sydney Davis, Taylor Emerson, Robert Finke, Julia Finster, Ana Forrister, Emma Forrister, Magellan Grant, Maslin Grant, Alanna Growe, David Harris, Kelly Harris, Tyre Hill, Kayla Kies, Caleb Kravitz, Gordon Leadbetter, Lindsey Leadbetter, Connell Murch, Gracelyn Palsha, Eli Rust, Alexandra Walker and William Walker.  Points are awarded for the top 8 places in each event.  Top 8 finishes were recorded by:


Emma Forrister – 4th 50 Freestyle, 3rd 200 Freestyle, 2nd 400 Freestyle, 4th 50 Backstroke, 6th 100 Backstroke

11 Years Old

Alanna Growe – 7th 50 Freestyle, 4th 100 Freestyle, 4th 200 Freestyle, 4th 400 Freestyle

12 Years Old

Joseph Brockman – 5th 50 Freestyle;

Gordon Leadbetter – 8th 100 Backstroke, 8th 100 Butterfly

13 Years Old

Magellan Grant – 8th 1500 Freestyle

14 Years Old

Lindsey Leadbetter – 4th 200 Individual Medley;

Alexandra Walker – 4th 1500 Freestyle;

Robert Finke – 3rd 200 Freestyle, 1st 400 Freestyle, 1st 800 Freestyle, 1st 1500 Freestyle, 2nd 200 Backstroke, 1st 400 Individual Medley

Emma Forrister finished 5th in the 10&Under Girls High Point standings.  Alanna Growe finished 10th in the 11 Year Old Girls High Point standings.  Robert Finke finished 1st in the 14 Year Old Boys High Point standings and set two meet records – in the 800 Freestyle the opening night and the 1500 Freestyle the final night.

2014 LC Florida Swimming Senior Championships:

Travelling to Ft. Pierce, Florida and the Indian River State College pool to compete for SPA in the Florida Swimming Senior Championships were Luke Hanner, Lyle Hanner, Will Smith, Amanda Burrows, Courtney Coleman, Leah Harvard, and Savannah Sawyers.  Points were awarded for the top 16 places in each event.  Top 16 finishes were achieved by:

15/16 Years Old:

Savannah Sawyers – 12th 50 Freestyle, 16th 100 Freestyle, 6th 100 Breaststroke, 9th 200 Breaststroke, 12th 200 Individual Medley;

Amanda Burrows – 6th 200 Freestyle, 4th 800 Freestyle, 6th 400 Individual Medley;

Courtney Coleman – 14th 200 Breaststroke;

Will Smith – 15th 800 Freestyle;


Luke Hanner – 8th 200 Freestyle, 11th 100 Butterfly

Luke Hanner also achieved a Junior National cut in the 200 Freestyle.