USA Swimming National Club Excellence Program 2017 Silver Medal Club badgeWelcome to St. Petersburg Aquatics, a USA Swimming Silver Medal National Excellence Club.

SPA uses a “progressive” age group program designed to develop children physically, mentally, and emotionally in a systematic fashion. A well-defined long-term approach of gradually increasing degrees of commitment is essential to reach peak performance levels during a swimmer’s physiological prime. An emphasis in the early stages of participation must be placed on developing technical skills and love for the sport. In later years, a more demanding physical and psychological challenge must be introduced to the training program. In this respect, “too much too soon” is more often the cause of failure to achieve maximum potential in senior swimming than in the reverse situation.

The SPA Program
The SPA Program is known throughout the county as a first-class year-round swim program. We offer a guided age group youth program for children 5 and up, from beginning swimmer to the most competitive and skilled swimmer. When a young person becomes a member of St. Petersburg Aquatics, they learn the values of sportsmanship and teamwork. Swimming for SPA, provides physical, emotional, and intellectual skills that will last a lifetime.


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